South Dock and Budd Streets (719)


South Dock and Budd Streets (719)


July 2019: South Dock and Budd Streets (40 pages, 5.5 x 8.5")

Connelly Blvd. at South Dock St. (roundabout site)
191 East Connelly Blvd. (formerly 112 S. Dock St.) Baines realty and insurance/Richard G. English and Associates
Erie RR/P&LE RR joint freight house
The Erie Extension Canal basin
Dock Street bridge over Pine Run
The east side of South Dock, south of the roundabout (including Flower Lumber, Johnson-Sizer Co.)
Apollo Maennerchor Club
Hotel Ly-Jore
The June 7, 1947, tornado
Former Coca-Cola bottling plant
Trains, trains and automobiles
Gordon Ward
The old city dump
City garage/former city incinerator site
East Budd at the freeway/last house standing
The Bentley mill, Sharon’s first industry
Calvert Lumber
Union Brewing Co. brewery
Color 1920 Sanborn Map Co. map showing every structure in the tour area

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