East State Street/The Middle East Hill (919)


East State Street/The Middle East Hill (919)


September 2019: East State Street | Middle East Hill (44 pages, 5.5 x 8.5")

George Devitt house
Dr. W.B. Isenberg house
Sharon Alliance Church
Gas station/Wm. Leslie house
Daffin’s Candies (old Loblaw’s)
Fruit mansion
Buhl mansion
Ackley house
Forker Apartments
Billy Whitla
VFW (former Carver house)
Streetcar right-of-way
John Leslie mansion
Michaelene’s Day Spa
Gas station/moved Gilbert house
War monument, horse trough
J.M. Willson mansion/Sample-O’Donnell Funeral Home
McClure mansion
Hart house/former Harshaw realty
Haney house/greenhouse
Heilman, Jones, Hannah, Fenstenmacher mansions
Wright house/McGrath, McGonigle funeral homes
Mazzola Building/Isaly’s
Gas station/moved Wiesen house
Christian H. Buhl Hospital/Sharon Regional Medical Center
Brady Court
School of Nursing
State Towers apartments
1st Presbyterian Church
Color 1920 Sanborn Map Co. map showing every structure in the tour area

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