The Lower East Hill (717)


The Lower East Hill (717)


July 2017: The East Hill II (32 pages, 5.5 x 8.5")

The Clark/Jones/Lee Block
Carver Block/Loose Caboose Shoppes
1910 train-streetcar wreck
Smith Drug Store
Hamory Bank/Dollar Title building
Strawbridge mansion/Petrini Insurance buiding, Lulu's Cafe
Haywood mansion
Grace Place carriage house
Wallis houses
Bundel/Forker/Whalen mansion
Dr. Thomas Elliott mansion and hospital
Koehler/Marchetto mansion
F.H. Buhl Club
Alexander McDowell mansion/McConnell and Stevenson funeral homes
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Library site at East State Street and Sharpsville Avenue
Urban renewal and the Sharon downtown mall/office complex that was never built
Color 1920 Sanborn Map Co map showing every structure in the tour area

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