Who We Are

The Sharon Historical Society was founded as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in 2013. A dedicated group of local history aficionados banded together to promote and preserve our history while educating the public.

Our Mission as the Sharon Historical Society is to:


We believe that citizens and visitors of our beautiful city should have access to the cultural and historical significance of Sharon, PA.


We encourage anyone to donate photographs, documents, artifacts and stories as it enhances the overall context of Sharon, PA in our region and country’s history.


We share the history of our city with students, visitors, groups and others through our eyewitness accounts and in-depth research showcased in our events, lectures and famous History Walks.

Our Goals as the Sharon Historical Society:

  • Develop an online archive

  • Conduct lectures, tours and History Walks

  • Promote marking and care of historical sites and buildings

  • Acquire and preserve documents, records, artifacts and other relevant materials

  • Publish papers, articles and other media on events and notable people

  • Provide a place for citizens and visitors to share memories and learn about history

Membership Helps Support Our Mission! Select a level below:

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