Vine Avenue and Railroad Street (916)


Vine Avenue and Railroad Street (916)


September 2016: Vine Avenue and Railroad Street (40 pages, 5.5 x 8.5")

State and Vine Koehler jewelry store/Penn-Ohio Cigar Co.
Odd Fellows hall/old McDowell National Bank
The Sharon Club
Masonic Temple/The Corinthian
The Ashlar Club
The architects who left their mark on Sharon
The parking garage
Hoffman Motor Co.
Utility and transportation convergence at Penn Power substation (former gas works, streetcar power house, Erie Extension Canal)
A. Wishart lumber and contracting
F.E. Kerr Co./Virostik Moving and Storage
Messina Brothers produce company/"The Pitts" apartments
Sharon Hotel
The Ohio Hotel
Boyles brothers building/Palm Restaurant/Old Tymer Hotel
The Shenango House hotel/Mark Twain visits Sharon
Thompson Block
Whitmer Smith store/Jubelirer family
Color 1920 Sanborn Map Co map showing every structure in the tour area

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